Electric blanket

We have a small selection of safe, energy efficient electrical blankets. We offer electric blankets for single beds, double beds, king and the superking bed. For the latter three we offer electric blankets with dual control. This solves the problem where a couple can’t agree on the same temperature or if one party doesn’t want an electric blanket turned on.

Dual Control

Where dual control is used to describe a product it means that there is 2 temperature controllers, one for each party. One person can have the electric blanket turned on and one can have it turned off. One can have it set at a high temperature and one can have it set to a low temperature. Some of the electric blankets even have timer settings so you can have it come on at timed intervals and again turn itself off.

Secure, safe & comfortable

These electric blankets are fitted like fitted sheets so they stay secure on the bed no matter how much tossing and turning you do at night. They are very safe and operate a low comfortable temperatures and most importantly they are energy efficient so there will be no nasty surprises when the postman comes with the energy bill.