What Eir, Sky, Vodafone and Apple customer support service have in common

Have a Support Team? Learn how to integrate your calls with tickets and CRM like the big companies.

In today’s highly competitive business world, every company should focus on improving all departments, including support. Ticketing systems offer businesses a way to manage support queries professionally. Although several communication tools such as email and live chat create good access, the use of phones still remains an unrivalled mode of communication. So for better controlling of your customers’ requests, why not integrate calls with emails and live chat?

The Secret: 

With such a trend, you want to be sure your organization is processing calls as efficiently as can be. The surest way of streamlining your communication is by linking your business phones with a ticketing system.

To achieve that, NUACOM, a cloud based phone system, and VoIP service provider has developed native integrations with Zendesk, Intercom, Zoho and hundreds more ticketing, live chat and CRM systems for business.

Automatic Identification:

Rather than your team having to search for customers manually, the integration of these two systems allows the automatic identification of callers and presents any existing ticket on their contact page. With it, you will no longer have to leave a “thank you for contacting us” or “how can I help you?” You now can address each customer with a “hello Mr. for calling.”

For Better Reaction:

NUACOM and Zendesk especially have made it extremely easy for your team to manage your telephony needs. All interactions, as well as data, are displayed in one interface which means your agents have access to the right context all the time for great support. Not only that, but your team can also make calls from Zendesk with a single click, eradicating misdial and increasing the number of successful calls.

Call Distribution:

Apart from that, with NUACOM System, you can provide your customers with a Support Hotline that can be assigned to all your support team members only. This way you can automate the call flow, without involving the reception or sales agents. Also, it can eradicate busy tone, having all your incoming calls placed into a virtual queue until it is picked by an agent. Basically, this reduces the number of missed calls drastically.

In case you would rather use your main business number, calls can be automatically routed to specific departments, using a voice menu, based on instructions, agent skill set, and tier level. Since agents will not spend too much time on one client trying to retrieve information, NUACOM and Zendesk Integration reduce the call duration significantly.

Bear in mind:

Although there have been many notable improvements in customer service in the last decade, some companies are still using outdated systems to communicate with customers, such as ISDN Lines and in-house PBX. Apart from the efficiency in your businesses, acquiring a VoIP Phone System can provide up to 60% savings as it eliminates line rental fees. Would you like to find out how much a VoIP system costs?

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